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Reconsider the monetization approach with streamlined video output and advanced ads content

About us

The decade of hard-working in app programming brought us competence and a clear understanding of where the roots are. We know where the stumbling rocks are and how to step the lucky path. Certified top-flight apps’ development is what our team deals with as well as the lifelong maintenance for devices like CTV and OTT.

Advertery salutes you! The first thing you should know is that we are the out of the box platform for video monetization. Our portfolio includes cases related to eSports and interactive content. Each project is executed by our skilled team of tough developers, media specialists, and designers who create a customized plans.

The handling of each project is challenging for us, as we are the perfection-oriented bureau. We made fastidious research and figured out the average mechanism of data perceiving by users through the video. These insights help us in further optimization tactics, coverage extension, and of course, the most lucrative monetization.

By this, our clients achieve a clear step-by-step plan for a successful project kick-start. Our technologies deliver relevant content to the corresponding audience so that each consumer gets the best video selection on any device type.

Key features

Profit Acceleration

As a result of a fruitful partnership with authoritative ad agencies, Advertery skyrockets your ad revenue. Being an accredited and streamlined ad platform, Advertery ensures greater profits from your trending content.

Cross-Platform Access

Transcoding is crucial when making successful streaming headway. The sophisticated cross-platform approach delivers a seamless user experience.

UltraHD Embracement

At Advertery, we have implemented upscale DAI and UltraHD quality of audiovisual content. Our integrated CDN servers provide swift delivery of your advertising.

On-demand Video and Partnership

Being backed by trusted CDN servers, our platform provides a tremendous database of VOD and linear streaming options. We are also positive about managing third-party partnerships in order to enlarge the audience.

Hyper Targeting

Our media experts will help you to reach massive audience involvement by means of best-in-class targeting tools. By leveraging the greatest insights of your potential audience based on their area of emphasis, geo, buying habits, demographic details you are able to clearly identify key players. In case you consider any ads content irrelevant to your very audience, you can enable ad block option.

Key to Winning Monetization Tactics

Our spotlight is to ensure the smooth distribution of your exceptional content to the intended audience. Advertery and our key partners move together towards the proliferation of your ads monetization.

Why us

  1. # 01 Future-proof tech
  2. # 02 TV App Pilot our in-house video assistant
  3. # 03 Well-balanced ad campaigns
  4. # 04 100+ collaborating platforms